moab crossfit gym

Casey montandon / owner & head coach

Casey's background is in outdoor education. He worked for the non-profit, Outward Bound, for nearly 15 years. Needless to say, a commitment to helping others and the community at-large has been his focus for more than a decade, and that is exactly what makes him such an outstanding coach. 

Growing up as an athlete, playing football and baseball throughout high school and college, Casey discovered cross-training near where he grew up in Texas and was drawn to the intensity and strong focus on community. He has several years of experience guiding in the outdoors and coaching in a gym setting. 

3 things he'd bring with him if stranded on a deserted island: bourbon, his dog Koi, and a satellite phone.

Certifications: Gym Jones Level 1. Crossfit Level 1

moab crossfit gym

emily klarer / owner & coach

Emily has been an athlete her entire life. From competitive gymnastics and college volleyball, to rock climbing and mountain biking, she's always loved to push herself. She loves this type of cross training because it's always different, and the community created in the gym is unlike any other she's been a part of.

She also owns a portrait photography business, emily klarer photography, so if she's not in the gym she's probably out taking photos somewhere.

3 things she'd take with her if stranded on a deserted island: red wine, her cat Lolita, and a knife.

Certifications: Gym Jones Level 1, Crossfit Level 1


moab crossfit gym

eric plourde / owner & coach 

Eric has worked a variety of jobs, from spending 30 days at sea to being a river guide to general contractor. Now he and his wife own Eco Logic Design Build here in Moab.

Even though his dad was a coach, Eric hated sports growing up, until he (self-admittedly) became addicted to the kind of cross training he coaches at the Gym on 5th.

3 things he'd bring if stranded on a deserted island: olives, vodka, and an ice machine ("wait, hammocks are provided, right??" - Eric). 

Certifications: Crossfit Level 1

lauren larson / coach

Lauren played soccer for 12 years, which is where her athleticism took root. She then went on to be a long distance runner in college, only discovering lifting and cross training after chronic injuries kept her from being able to run. 

She moved out west to work for Outward Bound and has been here ever since! Fun facts: she loves spending her time on rivers and she has a background in dolphin research. 

3 things she'd bring if stranded on a deserted island: tequila, a snorkel, and goggles.

 Certifications: Crossfit Level 1

moab crossfit gym

moab crossfit gym

Lindsey Clements / Coach

Lindsey grew up on the east coast but has lived out west for the better part of 8 years. She first moved to Moab in early 2014 for an internship with Community Rebuilds and now works for an affordable housing program through the Housing Authority of Southeastern Utah as a construction assistant.  

Being active, in and out of work, has always been a part of her life so she was excited to try training at the Gym on 5th when it opened in January 2017.  Since the day she started, she knew it was something that was going to become an important part of her life. The energy, coaches, community, and members made it an inspiring place to work and train.  

3 things she'd bring with her on a deserted island: a lighter, a hammock, and a kindle with a library's worth of books on it.  

Certifications: Crossfit Level 1